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and san mateo bridge takes you 13 minutes from hayward to foster city. the cold nap is a big shock to people in the south bay who used to mild weather and many have been preparing for the freezing temperatures. our reporter is if san jose with the news. >> a lot of people are bundling up and headed to the station in downtown san jose with a couple of people on the lot form with sweatshirts and coffee in hand jumping around to stay warm dealing with the possibility of breaking a 41-year-old record low. we went by the lumber company can this is not an official weather gage you have an idea how cold it is, reading 27 degrees is the official reading coming from the airport at 31 degrees right now. people taking caltran or the bus this morning if downtown san jose are bundled up. some are trying to stay warm in the lobby before headed out to the platforms and a woman just arrived from hawaii. >> what was the weather like in hawaii? >> 86 degrees! majestic. >> big shock anying this would be california weather, right? >> exactly. exactly. >> the cold isn't keeping people from being outsid
francisco and chilly in oakland and redwood city. 44 degrees in san jose and 50 along the coast at half moon bay. what we will have is a cold snap visiting us this week and that is going to start tonight so dust off the electric blankets we have a cold snap that will bring if a possibility of precipitation for parts of the central coast but it passes out and we are going to be experiencing and wind and a temperature drop. more on that in the seven-day forecast but we do have a couple of problems in the traffic department. not quite sure if this due to fog but if you are headed along the altamont pass westbound 580 at grant line, we have a stall there and that is slowing things down as you make the push in the westbound direction. when you reach vasco you have top speeds to the dublin interchange. drive time traffic shows 80 westbound from albany to the maze is four minutes. 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes. 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino is 10 minutes. outside it is going to be the san mateo bridge making the push in the westbound direction from hayward to foster c
. >> tonight the richmond city council will consider adding electronic cigarettes to the antismoking regulations which are battery powered devices that give the user nicotine from a vapor without the tobacco tar if traditional cigarettes. this is less risk of developing health problems from break the vapor secondhand but the federal government does nut regulate the e-cigarettes so states and local governments are vetoing -- developing their own rules. >> there is a missing oakland man considered "at risk." this is michael evan, 62, suffers from depression and parkinson's disease. he told his troop mate he was going to visit a friend in oakland and would be back the next day but he has not returned. police believe he may have been in downtown oakland. if you see him call the police. >> controversial gas pipeline on the peninsula is up and running. pg&e restarted line 147 yesterday which runs along a four mile stretch under britain avenue. the state public utility commission wants it necessity why it took pg&e ten months to report a significant record discrepancy on the pipeline. fault
. >> that should be happen. no. in san jose, such a rich city, you can't have people dying outside. that's not okay. >> shelters are bracing for more frigid nights. in san jose, john alston, abc7 news. >> a homeless man was found dead in dublin and authorities say it could be another death due to cold in the bay area. his body was found on valley parkway. an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death is scheduled for tomorrow. if exposure did cuss his death, he would be the fifth person in the bay area to die in the frigid temperatures over the past two weeks. >>> there's a lot of snow in the sierra this morning. the placer county town got a good dusting. and check out the snow from heavenly mountain resorts. city carries got three feet of new snow from the storm. all are offering limited operations but are still waiting until they get more snow. >>> the temperature drop in central valley is threatening lemons and other citrus crops. the lemons on the outside could be in jeopardy. they even use a helicopters as a flying wind machine to force warm air closer to the ground. stay on top of the weat
was stolen at a gas station near mexico city. it was carrying a medical device to treat cancer patients and there is a radioactive material that can be dangerous if remove ed. it is not clear if the thieves know what they have. officials are concerned it could be used to make a dirty bomb which would not explode but could make people sick. >> in sonoma efforts are growing for the creation of a bark in memory of 13-year-old andy lopez there could be the purchase of a lot where lopez was shot by sheriff deputy in october. the board made a move to putting cameras on deputyies to restore trust in law enforcement and local government. professors are demanding the deputy who fired the fatal shot be indicted. >> there was a fatal accident involving a bicyclist last night. an s.u.v. ran into the bicyclist. the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with officers. police say the victim was the 25th pedestrian or bicyclist killed in the traffic accident in san jose this year. >> following sunday's deadly drillment, preparations are made for the hudson line service to resume in new york. people
city council will again consider new rules to limit the number of medical marijuana dispensaries when they meet. advocates promise to collect signatures to allow voters to overturn them. the supreme court rules cities can regulate medical marijuana shops prompting the new proposals. the san jose mercury news reports that the mayor says it doesn't appear the council has enough support if complete ban but it has a shot at blocking dispensaries near will schools, homes and other sensitive areas. >> kids headed off to school today. mike? >> it is cold. brrrr. 29 in san jose, and campbell, and sunnyvale, cupertino, 28 in los gatos and 30 right new in alum rock, saratoga, los altos hills, mountain view is the warm spot at 35, newark is 31 and 28 degrees in danville and mid-30's in redwood city and san francisco, now, down to 34 degrees. same at half moon bay. 25 in novato and 26 napa. we have a lot of sunshine and temperatures are 22 to 36 and the microclimate in the morning. below average at 46 to 50 at 4:00 and crisp this evening. 36 inland to 42 around the bay. a slow warming trend, tomo
. a state senator was on stage with mandela. show was mayor of berkeley one of few cities in the world that sanctioned south africa. >> that was a moment of shear joy for the entire community. i think the coliseum was full every seat, standing room only celebrating this extraordinary human spirit. >> in 1985, 10,000 students at u.k. berkeley boycotted classes. and the follow year california was the largest government in the united states to require divestments of investments related to south africa. >> people are sharing memories on our facebook page. you can eastbound -- leave your thoughts, too. >> san jose state is addressing what called a hate crime against a black student. the university has appoint add retired superior court judge to led the investigation of what happened. we the judge will recommend ways to ensure that san jose state is a welcoming community. protesters have demand action from the leaders after claims that white students tore -- tormented their black roommate. athree richmond teens are accused of raping two girls after getting them drunk they passed out. the ass
place to city. >> knowing there was a warm place to go and you call and have nowhere else to go and in this is the right place to go. when you are town and out, you are cold, this place will help you out. >> others haven't been as fortunate. four men, each in their lit 40s or 50s, have been found dead in different parts of the county. >> we want to try to get folks who don't have a home into shelter, particularly this weekend when its it's cold. >> temperatures fell below 30 degrees rue and are expected to sink lower. so officials with santa clara county homeless program have placed an addition million 375 beds in area shelters. but they say that still won't be enough. >> it should never happen in this community. we should never have the heart brick of this kind of loss. it's not necessary. it should never happen. >> nick smith, abc7 news. >>> the north by now where the higher elevations of napa valley got hit. caltran plows were on standby in kiss more snow fell. we have more from example soggia. >> by 8:30 -- from >> caltran culled out the plows and warned drivers of slippery
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8